Sunday, February 3, 2008

I am in love with TAMAHOME... agawon ko gid xa ya kay MIAKA

until the pigs learn to fly

i am in love, yes very much, ... hEARing the song LIPS OF AN ANGEL gives me thrills in my entire system, I really find it so funny that I want to cry... I miss a lotof my old self... the best and beautiful part of my life... I am quite tired of being a prodigal, a pariah of my own self... argh!

Am I a Witless Wonder or the World's Smartest Idiot?

Yes, don't get me wrong people...I AM JUST ALL RIGHT... just a bit dazed and jaded, but I am fine. Tomorro, or mayb a day after tomorrow fades on my view, I'm gonna write something normal...Oh, c'mon...I'm getting crazy so I think I'd better end this parlance of stupidity for now...
I am a MAROON-BLOODED GURL WITH A BROKEN SMILE. People often misunderstood me, yes, I lead a very misunderstood life, but I'm not bitter with it. In fact I'm glad, for Muhammad Ali once said, "to be great is to be misunderstood..." I'm still normal, living a subnomal life , and I'm quite thrilled that people close to me treat me with respect I think I truly deserve inspite of the 'above normal life' I live.
I am an incurable and hopeless romantic who is in search for someone whom I could consider as the GREATEST POET SINCE SHAKESPEARE. My penchant for LITERATURE is eternal though I am unoblivious that my life is ephemeral. I am still sane despite my bizarre locquacity. I'm not a talker but I am a speaker. I am not just a hearer but a very good listener, above all, I am not human for I am humane behind this mask of pretense mortality.
I write because it is one way of telling those people around me that I am alive and I do exist in this blue and green planet, I am not weird, I'm just real... very real, and hurt, walking wounded with tears from my eyes and with a broken smle, but mind you, though my smile is broken, it is definitely real.